CGEB is a Dalhousie University Centre that gathers ‘omics’ data, develops computational tools, and trains the next generation of scientists to conduct collaborative interdisciplinary research into how living organisms evolved, diversify, interact, and impact the biosphere and human health.
CGEB was established in 2008 and is comprised of researchers in four Dalhousie Faculties: Medicine, Science, Computer Science and Agriculture. As of May 2018, the Centre is comprised of 12 faculty members, 8 faculty associate members, 5 research associates, 6 administrative / technical staff, 18 postdoctoral fellows, 28 graduate students and 12 undergraduates.
Research carried out by CGEB scientists includes:
  • comparative genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics
  • microbial biodiversity
  • environmental and health microbiomics
  • development of bioinformatic and statistical tools for genomics and molecular phylogeny
  • The CGEB - Integrated Microbial Resource (IMR) was established in 2014 through support from the Strategic Research Initiatives Fund (SRIF) from the Office of the Vice-President Research, Dalhousie University. See more here.
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