Current CGEB - Herzberg Funded Trainees:

Jon Jerlstrom-Hultqvist, Postdoctoral Fellowship (May-August 2018)
  Supervisor: Andrew Roger

S. Andrew Inkpen, Postdoctoral Fellowship (August 2016- present)
Supervisor: W. Ford Doolittle

Jeremy Wideman, Research Associate (April 2018 - present)
Supervisors: Andrew Roger and W. Ford Doolittle

Previous CGEB - Herzberg Funded Trainees (2014-2018):

Anna Asman, Postdoctoral Fellowship
Supervisors: John Archibald

Austin Booth, Postdoctoral Fellowship
  Supervisor: W.Ford Doolittle

Carlos Mariscal, Postdoctoral Fellowship
Supervisor: W. Ford Doolittle

Dayana Salas Leiva, Postdoctoral Fellowship
Supervisors: Andrew Roger and Alastair Simpson

Tyler Brunet, Master's Scholarship
Supervisors: Christian Blouin and W. Ford Doolittle

Yun Cai, Ph.D. Scholarship
Supervisor: Hong Gu

Current Tula Foundation Funded Trainees:  

Susana Breglia Postdoctoral Fellow
 Supervisor: Claudio Slamovits

Simiao (Michelle) Lu PhD Student
Supervisor: Christian Blouin

Additional Current Trainees in CGEB Labs:  

Roger Lab
Sarah Shah
Master's Student
Dayana Salas Leiva
Research Associate
Dandan Zhao Master's Student
Shelby Williams Summer Student (starting Master's Sept. 2018)
Paulo Hofstatter Visiting PhD Student Intern

Archibald Lab
Bruce Curtis Postdoctoral Fellow (co-supervised by A. Roger)
Shannon Sibbald PhD Student
Morgan Colp Master's Student
Emma Blanche Summer Co-op Student
Jan de Vries Postdoctoral Fellow
Gina Filloramo Postdoctoral Fellow
Lucie Gallot-Lavallee Postdoctoral Fellow
Elizabeth Woolaver Student Volunteer

Beiko Lab
Praveen Nakkulam Ravindram PhD student
Sayna Hajiloo Master's Student
Mike Hall PhD Student
Chaoyue Liu
PhD Student
Miria Rafantes PhD Student
Finlay Maguire Postdoctoral Fellow
Elvira Mitraka Postdoctoral Fellow

Bielawski Lab
Katherine Dunn
Research Associate
Joseph Mingrone
PhD Student (co-supervised by E. Susko)
Noor Youssef PhD Student
Chris Jones PhD Student (co-supervised by E. Susko)

Bertrand Lab
J. Scott McCain
PhD Student
Maria Soto
Master's Student
Elden Rowland
Research Associate
Loay Jabre PhD Student
Sonja Rose Honours Student (co-supervised by J. LaRoche)

Blouin Lab
Alexander Campbell Master's Student
Jacklyn Purdue Master's Student

Langille Lab
Molly Hayes Master's student (co-supervised by H. Gu)
Jacob Nearing
Master's student
Karl Leuschen Master's Student
Casey Jones Master's Student
Akhilesh Dhanani Research Associate
Gavin Douglas PhD Student

Simpson Lab
Gordon Lax PhD Student
Yana Eglit PhD Student
Sebastian Hess Postdoctoral Fellow (co-supervised by A. Roger)
Andrea Gigeroff Undergraduate Student

Slamovits Lab
Sergio Munoz Gomez PhD Student (co-supervised by A. Roger)
Sophie de Vries Postdoctoral Fellow
Pia Elustondo
Postdoctoral Fellow
Esteban Ronie Haro PhD Student

Susko Lab
Ziwei Jin Master's Student
Etai Markowski Master's Student (part-time, remotely from CA)

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Last updated: May 2018